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Portal:Preventing Runway Collisions

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The 2017 Safety Forum


EUROCONTROL, Brussels, 06 - 07 June 2017

PREVENTING RUNWAY COLLISIONS can only be done effectively when we work together as an industry and have a joint understanding of how the different stakeholders interact.

From 1200 on Tuesday 6 June until 1500 on Wednesday 7th June 2017, preventing runway collisions will be the single operational issue addressed by the 5th Annual Safety Forum presented by the Flight Safety Foundation, EUROCONTROL and the European Regions Airline Association.

As before, it will be held at Eurocontrol in Brussels and organised by the Flight Safety Foundation European Advisory Committee.

Like its predecessors, this Safety Forum is aimed specifically at front line professionals and those who train and manage them. REGISTER NOW


The Forum will consider industry best practice and functionality that can prevent runway incursions onto a runway that is already occupied or authorised for use; and further what can be done to prevent a collision after a runway incursion has taken place. In addition, the Forum will consider what this means for our understanding of runway collision risk.

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Registration is now Open

Attendance is free of charge to qualifying attendees, subject only to prior registration and to available capacity.

HindSight 24

The 24th edition of EUROCONTROL's safety journal HindSight published in December 2016 focuses on the issue of runway collisions and their prevention.

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